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Due to its information-driven nature, careful handling of data is of paramount importance. Personal, confidential information forms the basis of the content. Providing access to the documents is important, as are the possibilities for collaboration.

iXware believes that when you make digitization user-friendly and above all intuitive, the digital transformation will accelerate. Instead of a big change or transition, our small steps philosophy increases support for further digital transformation. 

With our SaaS approach of "Smart Document Capture", iXware supports many different applications in the legal market and provides an easy approach to integrate with other necessary applications in your organization. The basis is to get all documents in a central location, often your case management system. This will speed up the use of the case management system and lead to compliance (eg GDPR). No more paper lying around or email with attachments waiting in your email inbox. iXware offers simple user-friendly integration that is easy to understand and use!


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