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          "People are at the heart ofevery HR process."


That is why it is important to handle the documents of your employees with great respect and precision. You want to prevent your employees' documents from ending up in the wrong hands.

There are many software packages to make the HR process as efficient and safe as possible. Thanks to these packages, the HR professionals can safely process the data of the employees. But what if the documents are not digital? Every HR department has a paper-based process, such as when it requires a wet signature, or when a form is completed along with the new applicant. How do you get those documents safely and efficiently into the HR solutions? iXware can help with that! We offer solutions to scan directly to HR applications.


The advantages of iXware's Scan to HR:

  • Documents follow one direct route to the HR system, not lying around in a letterbox or on a desk;
  • Efficiency gains;
  • Documents are immediately available in the personnel file;
  • Supplied as an app (no server required!)


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