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The healthcare industry is undergoing a groundbreaking digital transformation. 

From the Quocirca Report  “The Future of Document Capture” 2024 we are high ligthing some quotes:

“We see that 75% indicate that they are accelerating their digitisation initiatives. By 2025, 51% indicate that paper digitisation will be critical to their digital transformation strategy, a rise from 9% today. Organisations are making progress in digitising key processes. 

The main digitisation drivers are sustainability, efficiency, and security.

Scan volumes are expected to increase in 2024. On average, scan volumes are set to rise by 6% in 2024, with the growth driven by large enterprises (8%) and the business and professional services sector (8%). MFPs are expected to show the highest average growth over the next 12 months (7.39%).

At iXware, we firmly believe that this transformation holds the potential for cost reduction, an enhanced patient and caregiver experience, fortified security measures, and heightened productivity. However, most healthcare organizations, from hospitals and doctor's clinics to nursing and assisted living homes, laboratories, diagnostic clinics, and dental offices, are grappling with 'traditional' paper processes that requires digitization.

Our conviction is simple: when you make digitization accessible and intuitive, the digital transformation gains momentum. Rather than overwhelming healthcare institutions with a massive change or transition, our "small steps" philosophy cultivates support for a gradual yet powerful digital transformation.

With our SaaS approach of "Smart Document Capture," iXware provides seamless integration with various EHR solutions, enabling easy collaboration and provides and approach possibly integrating other essential applications within your healthcare organization. Our journey begins with the fundamentals - centralizing all patient records and data in one secure location. This approach expedites the adoption of EHR systems and ensures compliance with vital regulations such as HIS and HIPAA. The days of scattered paperwork are over, as we bring you a user-friendly integration that is easy to understand.



The digital transformation in healthcare has just begun.

In fact, 81% of healthcare executives say:  "the pace of digital transformation is accelerating for their organization".

And, 93% report that they are: "innovating this year with a sense of urgency and a call to action".

Source: Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2021 report.

Supported healthcare applications

iXware is your trusted partner in the healthcare industry for efficient document management and digitization. We specialize in seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge scanning and digitization solutions with a wide range of healthcare applications and electronic medical record systems. With our robust building blocks and API integrations, we empower healthcare organizations to streamline their document processes, ensuring quick and secure access to critical patient information.

Our commitment to innovation and data security makes us the preferred choice for healthcare providers looking to enhance their workflow efficiency and improve patient care. Whether you need to digitize patient records, medical charts, or administrative documents, iXware has the expertise and technology to support your unique needs.


Join iXware on the frontline of the healthcare digital revolution, and together, we'll redefine the future of healthcare excellence!


iXware: "Pragmatic & Intuitive solutions with impact"



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