Smart Document Capture

Digital transformation is here, and many organizations are working hard to take advantage of the benefits. Digitally transforming businesses pilot and implement solutions for Big Data, Customer Journeys, Cloud, Security, WCMS, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. This transformation promises more revenue, outsmarting the competition, a better customer experience and a higher level of productivity.



The challenge:

Over 70% of information is trapped in unstructured content.

Adding structure to unstructured content

Think of e-mails, paper, office documents and even content management systems. Working on Big Data, Security and Business Intelligence without tapping into this unstructured data is a missed opportunity. 

 Puzzle small

iXware adds that structure to unstructured content. iXware’s Smart Document Capture technology works for paper, e-mail, digital documents, etc. Making this data structured using capturing, processing, classification, and data extraction will lead to more business insight and transparency. iXware can seamlessly integrate with existing ERP, F&A and other business applications to make this unstructured data part of your digital business.


Efficiency and reduced operating costs are obvious wins. But processing this data using Optical Character Recognition and smart self-learning classification also allows your organization to tap digitally into this information and make it part of your Big Data, ERP or Accounting solution.

Smart Document Capture Benefits

iXware’s Smart Document Capture solution, either on premise or in the cloud, helps a wide variety of organizations (such as central and local government, Education, Healthcare, Finance and many others) with: 


Cost reduction
Process efficiency
Increase productivity
Security and compliance