Benefits of iXware Cloud Fax

  • Use your email address to send and receive fax messages.
  • Possibility to keep your own fax number with our number porting service.
  • Modular expandable; add extra numbers, email addresses or credits.
  • The benefits of a fax server without the server!

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iXware Cloud Fax

CloudFax Free

iXware Cloud Fax is a smart global hosted service which lets you send faxes directly from your Xerox MFP and email and receive faxes in your email. Keep your existing fax number and realize significant cost savings thanks to modern technology.

Digitize the in- and outbound fax traffic and make the legal status of fax part of your digital workflow.

Fax from email
Integration with your email application for in- and outbound faxing. 1 fax to email, 20 email to fax accounts included in base license
Technical benefits
Always up-to-date with the latest fax technology. All your fax traffic digitized and archived in your mailbox. Digital audit trail and GDPR ready.
Low investment
Completely transparent cost structure with no activation fee, annual subscription and competitive priced credit consumption.
Cost savings
No on-site installation and up to 90% reduction of implementation costs, save between 25 and 60% on operating costs.

Runs on

iXware Cloud Services runs on Microsoft Azure




Available for

iXware Cloud Services apps for Xerox iXware Cloud Services apps for HP

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