Benefits of iXware Cloud Fax

  • Streamlined communication: Send and receive fax messages effortlessly using your email address, seamlessly integrated with your email application and multifunctional printer.
  • Keep Your Number: Preserve your existing fax number with our number porting service, ensuring continuity in your communication.
  • Modular Flexibility; Tailor your fax system to your needs with modular expandability, allowing you to add extra numbers, email addresses, or credits as your requirements evolve.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective: Experience the benefits of a fax server without the need for a physical server. Enjoy always up-to-date technology, digital archiving, GDPR compliance, and significant cost savings. 

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iXware Cloud Fax

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Are you fed up with the inefficiencies of traditional fax machines and the financial burden they impose? It's time to usher in an updated version of fax communication that meets today's requirements. Embrace the revolutionary shift to cloud-based faxing, where you can seamlessly integrate fax communication with multifunctional devices, send faxes directly from your email, and effortlessly archive your documents digitally. You'll not only retain your existing fax number but also realize substantial cost savings, making the transition even more appealing.

Incorporating the legal validity of fax into your digital workflow is the key to ensuring compliance and efficiency.Streamline your business processes, maintain the legally recognized status of fax communication in the digital age, and benefit from the enhanced capabilities and efficiency.

Say goodbye to the limitations of outdated fax machines and welcome the cloud fax solution that meets today's requirements. 

Runs on

iXware Cloud Services runs on Microsoft Azure




Available for

iXware Cloud Services apps for Xerox iXware Cloud Services apps for HP

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