Fax server solutions

Server Solution

iXware deploys state-of-the-art fax technology to ensure fast and reliable delivery and receipt of all your fax messages. By digitizing fax traffic, iXware ensures cost savings, integrates faxing with your business processes & digital workflows, and helps customers to comply with audit trail requirements.

Integration with email
iXware works with all mail platforms and email clients, making desktop faxing as easy as sending an email.
Business applications
Production faxing from or to business applications such as ERP, CRM, HRM, F&A, WHM, DM, etc.
Multifunctional Peripherals (MFPs)
Walk-up faxing from a broad range of MFPs.

Archiving of faxes 
Store your fax messages in document mangement software or network shares.

Increase productivity

iXware seamlessly and non-intrusively works with all mail platforms and email clients, making desktop faxing as easy as sending an email. iXware’s fax printer driver lets users fax directly from any desktop application with print option.

For production faxing – faxing to and from any business application – iXware offers an extensive range of open standards integrations.

Wether you want to send a single fax or send out a fax broadcast, one of iXware’s features is the possibility to create mailing lists to an unlimited number of recipients.


Save money

iXware eliminates the need for analog fax lines and conventional fax equipment. iXware centralizes and consolidates fax communication through Fax over IP (or ISDN/E1/T1).

iXware’s fax server solutions lower TCO and and come with impressive ROI’s. iXware’s scheduling and least cost routing options can further help reduce costs.


Fax server features

  • FoIP, ISDN or analogue

iXware offers state of the art FoIP technology, but we also support ISDN and analogue connections. FoIP solutions allows the fax server to be deployed on a virtualized server, providing significant savings in both hardware and operating costs.

  • Active Directory / LDAP support

Active Directory (LDAP) support for single user administration. No modifications to the Active Directory required.

  • Redundancy / Load balancing

Deploy iXware’s redundancy and load balancing options for mission critical environments.

  • Multi-tenant architecture

Different operating companies or divisions can use a single iXware server, in single or redundant configurations. Each entity, business unit and user group can be assigned its own ‘site’ within iXware.

  • MFP integration

iXware can integrate with your existing fleet of multifunctional print, copy and scan devices (MFPs). iXware captures the documents through a network connection and converts them to fax messages, eliminating the need for traditional hardware and dedicated phone lines.

  • Modular platform

Scanning, archiving, SMS, mail - iXware is completely modular. Select the modules that address the specific needs of your organization. Whether you need a solution for Scanning, e-mail, fax, SMS and/or voicemail, iXware has it for you. Integrating iXware with your existing applications is easy. iXware can archive all your messages to create a proper audit trail.