About iXware

iXware was founded in 1988 with a focus on message automation and Unified Messaging, and - since 2005 - Document Digitalization. We have become a principal player in the enterprise market for Document Digitalization solutions and occupies a prominent position in terms of these solutions in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and carrier environment.

iXware serves ASP, carrier and enterprise customers in every private and public sector. Some examples of our valued customers are: 3M, Belgacom, Burger King, Computer Sciences Corporation, Deloitte, DHL, DSM, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Justice, EDS, Ford Motor Corporation, The Greenery, Harley Davidson, HP, KPN Telco, LogicaCMG, Lovells, Port of Rotterdam, SKF, De Telegraaf, Volkswagen and Wieden + Kennedy.

But we are equally proud to serve an ever increasing number of small and medium sized enterprises in the world for whom Document Digitalization has come within easy reach with our software. We team closely with our strategic alliance partners such as Microsoft, Xerox and HP.

Market coverage

iXware markets its software through a growing number of dedicated National Sales Organizations (NSOs) and Value Added Distributors (VADs). Due to their dedication these organizations can provide a truly high level of commercial and technical support to the resellers in their local market with our full support as manufacturer. iXware's NSOs and VADs can be found in a growing number of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, parts of the Caribbean, Denmark, Finland, France, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Moldova, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Mission statement

iXware BV is a manufacturer of standard messaging and document digitization software for the enterprise, carrier and SaaS (Software as a Service) market.

We provide solutions that meet the need for efficient communication and document management, making our customers more cost effective, easier to reach and more responsive through the integration of different types of communication and document workflows. We help our customers comply with the growing number of laws and regulations pertaining to accountability and auditability.

As a company we are committed to excelling in the quality of our products and services. iXware strives to build and maintain long-term and preferred relationships with our strategic partners, technology partners, distribution partners and customers alike.

Through all our business processes we are driven by a focus on simplicity. Simple to use, simple to install, simple to maintain, simple to integrate, simple to scale, simple to sell and simple to do business with us as a company are examples of this continuous drive.

Vision statement

Communicating is mission critical, as are availability and responsiveness.  The proliferation of messages, media and devices leads to a need for integration. iXware meets this need by creating its solutions with the following basic principles in mind:

  • Streamlining communication;
  • Supporting business processes;
  • Reliability and scalability;
  • Generating savings through low TCO and fast RoI;
  • Understanding of customer requirements;
  • Market driven;
  • Technology is an enabler;
  • Simplicity in installation, maintenance, use and integration.


The organization distinguishes itself, amongst others, as following:

  • Originality - we're simply different;
  • Strong sense of purpose and direction;
  • Quality of solutions and services;
  • Knowledge of the market, customer requirements and technology;
  • Flexibility;
  • Passion and enthusiasm for, and commitment to the business;
  • Market focus - we listen to our customers and partners;
  • Reliability.