Scanning to business applications

iXware’s Integration Module lets users scan documents directly into Business Applications from any multifunctional peripheral (MFP) in the office. On the display the user can answer a few simple, predefined, questions to determine the final storage location and filename. The answers can consist of a free-field entry or you can use the full power of your applications database to populate a list. i.e. already defined document types. iXware is able to scan a document directly into the correct location within the application as a text searchable PDF, or in any other formats such as Word, ODF, JPEG, XLS and many more.



Easy to create and configure Scanning Templates

Templates are easy to create and configure. Simply create the relevant questions for the user to answer. For example: Which type of document, which employee, which customer, which date? Answers can be manually input (alpha/numeric) or selected from database tables on the MFP. They provide the application with the right meta data for the correct storage location and easy subsequent retrieval of the document. On top of that it is also possible to use these meta data to build the file name.


Easy to expand

iXware Scanning can easily be expanded with other iXware modules with one plus one equalling more than two. Add iXware Fax for example and benefit from Fax and Scanning functionality in a single solution and MFP user interface. iXware’s modular structure lets you combine now or add later. iXware Scanning’s OCR functionality adds additional value to the iXware Fax module by letting you store fax messages as text searchable PDF files.