Zonal OCR

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When you receive multiple documents with the same layout, scanning with zone OCR will save you valuable time.

iXware Scanning Zone OCR lets you create templates for specific document layouts. Within these templates you can define which zones and values iXware should scan for.
Some examples:
  • Account name;
  • Reference number;
  • Date;
  • Total amount;
  • Etc.


iXware uses the metadata from these zones for efficient, automatic and faultless archiving. Metadata can be used to automatically create filenames or folders. iXware can also store these documents directly in the right location of your business applications (Integration Module required).


How it works

Scan a document from a Multifunctional Peripheral to the 'iXware Configurator’. In the preview of the document on your computer screen, you will be able to draw boxes around the values you want to extract from the document. Define a storage location, save the template and publish it to your range of MFPs and start digitalizing your important documents.



  • Efficient - Faster scanning of stacks of documents avoiding the need to scan every document individually;
  • Accurate - Zone OCR use gives error free metadata for indexing;
  • Flexible - Easily create your own templates with the ‘iXware Configurator’;
  • Dynamic - iXware allows to automatically process and route documents using the values in the document.