Book and booklet scanning

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Create computer friendly documents from books and booklets. All pages will be shown in the right order in the desired document format such as a text searchable PDF or MS Word. The difference between book and booklet format:

  • A booklet can be scanned using the sheet feeder;
  • A book has to be scanned on the platen (the pages have to be turned for every scan).

iXware Scanning convert these scans into digital documents with the pages in the right sequence.



Place the booklet in the sheet feeder (with staples removed). The first page and last page are on the first page to be scanned. The second and next to last page are on the next page to be scanned, etc. An 8-page booklet will, for example, be scanned as follows:

  • First scan: pages 1 and 8;
  • Second scan: pages 2 and 7;
  • Third scan: pages 3 and 6;
  • Fourth scan: pages 4 and 5.



Scanning of a book is different. With books, pages to be scanned are in logical order and side by side. Typically, the first page of the book is on the right side with a blank page beside it. After flipping the page the next scan will be of pages 2 and 3. An 8-page book will therefore be scanned as follows:

  • Scan 1: pages 0 and 1;
  • Scan 2: pages 2 and 3;
  • Scan 3: pages 4 and 5;
  • Scan 4: pages 6 and 7;
  • Scan 5: page 8.