Barcode / QR code scanning

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Scanning documents is easy and efficient with the iXware Scanning’s Barcode Module. You can use this module to:

  • Separate different documents from a pile of paper on the feeder;
  • Extract metadata from the barcode or QR code for efficient, automatic and faultless archiving. Metadata from the barcode / QR code can be used to automatically create filenames or folders. It can also be used to store documents directly in the right location of your business applications (Integration Module required).




The barcode above reads “INV JOHNSONINC”. Using this barcode on an invoice from the company results in storing the document, for example, in a network folder: N:\invoices\Johnson Inc


Creating your own workflow is easy

Creating workflows with the iXware Scanning Barcode Module is easy. iXware recognizes a wide range of barcodes and QR codes, including several free code fonts found on the internet. Configure the values of the code and output location using iXware’s easy-to-use configurator and start digitalizing your hardcopy documents.



  • Efficient - Faster scanning of stacks of documents using page separators avoiding the need to scan every document individually;
  • Accurate - Barcode and QR code use gives error free metadata for indexing;
  • Flexible - Use multi-region, multi-code, and multi-page code values;
  • Dynamic - Allows iXware to automatically process and route documents according to the code values.