Fax over IP
385337 1391iXware offers a wide range of solutions for faxing using analogue and ISDN technology, but we also have proven solutions for Faxing over IP (FoIP). Besides the traditional way of making a telephone call with ISDN or analog technology, more and more organizations transfer to Voice over IP (VoIP). The most logical continuation is that these organizations are looking into the possibilities of Faxing over IP.



What is Faxing over IP?

Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) is a method for faxing over the internet (IP network). A method which is often compared with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In both cases the communication between the sender and receiver is through a packet-switched network (the internet). With this communication the PSTN telephone circuit is avoided as much as possible. A favourable advantage of this method is that it can lead to a considerable reduction of costs.


Is Faxing over IP the same as sending an e-mail?

No, contrary to the supposition of the preceding paragraph that Fax over IP is send in technically the same way as an e-mail, it is not the same:

  • To realize Faxing over IP the T.38 protocol is essential;
  • There still has to be a “handshake”;
  • There still is an “end to end” communication before and during the actual fax transmission;
  • The familiar fax service stays with more economical benefits, but without the loss of the flexibility and the security that the fax has always offered.


The advantage of Faxing over IP

The largest advantage of FoIP is that the PSTN Telephone circuit is avoided to a large extend or even completely and that a considerable cost reduction can be realized. With FoIP it is possible that a company, with several (international) places of business, can send a fax from one office and place it from another, more favorably situated, office on the PSTN circuit.

Company ABC International has an office A in the Netherlands, office B in the United Kingdom and office C in the United States of America. All three offices have an iXware fax server with FoIP possibilities.

  1. Office A has to send a purchase order by fax to office B. As they are both connected with IP, and therefore are in the same network, the fax will never go over the PSTN Telephone network. The fax is send without any costs.
  2. In this example office A wants to send a fax to a business relation in the United States of America. Normally this fax will have high international costs because it goes directly onto the expensive PSTN network in the Netherlands. However as the fax server in office C is connected with the Dutch fax server, the fax will not go onto the PSTN network until it has reached office C and only the national or local rates are charged.


Unique Selling Points (USPs) for iXware Fax over IP:

These USP’s are an addition to the familiar iXware USP’s.

  • Possibility to reduce some, or even completely replace all, of the analog or ISDN lines;
  • Fax over IP allows iXware to run in a virtual environment;
  • Quick ROI when the new IP switch is already installed. The customer will optimise the current investment;
  • No hardware fax cards are required, it is a board-less solution;
  • iXware Fax over IP eliminates or reduces the telephone costs and other dedicated fax resources (fax machines, analog lines etc.);
  • Simplify and reduce the actions that the user has to do for complete integration of the fax in the existing ICT and IP infrastructure;
  • Make optimal use of your IP infrastructure with a centralized iXware solution;
  • Reduce your costs.


iXware Fax over IP, a proven solution: 

iXware has many customers with an iXware Fax over IP enabled fax server solution. For example: National Grid, Deloitte, the Justice Department, Mammoet, Fairmont University and MSI Europe.