Desktop faxing

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The E-mail Module is a standard part of every iXware server configuration. It can send and receive e-mail and can be deployed as a gateway to existing e-mail applications such as MS Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Domino/Notes. This e-mail module makes iXware's non intrusive - SMTP - integration with MS Exchange and Lotus Domino possible.


iXware adds fax, SMS, voicemail and/or telex functionality to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. With iXware the MS Outlook user can not only send and receive e-mail but fax, SMS, telex and voicemail as well. And it's just as easy as sending and receiving e-mail.


iXware adds this functionality through an 'SMTP gateway'. iXware's integration with MS Exchange is entirely non intrusive and does not require software - a so called connector - to be installed on the MS Exchange server.


The iXware gateway supports all the various formats such as TNEF, preserving the layout of all messages. Through automatic synchronization with the Active Directory (LDAP) single user administration is assured.


iXware's MS Outlook extensions have been developed to enhance the integration for the user. These buttons and forms in MS Outlook make it simple for the user to send fax, SMS and telex messages or to play back voicemail messages over the PC or phone. When sending a message it's easy for the user to select settings such as priority or delayed delivery. In addition, the user can select fax and SMS numbers from the MS Exchange/Outlook address books as recipients or (blind) copyholders.

Features and benefits of desktop faxing

iXware comes with a Faxprinter which is integrated with the printer button of the user's desktop. With the iXware Faxprinter, faxes can be sent from any Windows application with print functionality. When a print command for a fax is received, iXware will open a new MS Outlook message with the fax attached as a multipage TIFF or PDF. After selecting the fax number from the address book or filling it in manually, the message will be sent as a fax: as simple as that!

The MS Exchange administrator can configure all user data and settings in the Active Directory (LDAP). iXware automatically synchronises with the Active Directory. The mapping is very simple and the schema of the Active Directory does not require changes.

Due to the advanced integration with MS Outlook a user can see all of the inbound and outbound messages in the MS Outlook client, regardless of the transport: e-mail, SMS, fax, telex and voicemail, it's all there!

iXware digitalizes and stores the conventional fax traffic, making it easier to manage the network. Faxes can become part of the central archiving of documents. iXware helps customers comply with a growing list of international and local laws and regulations regarding accountability and auditability such as Sarbaines Oxley, Basel II and EU directives. With iXware faxes become part of an audit trail closing and important "leak" in the audit trail.

With iXware, sending a fax is as easy as sending an e-mail. The user can use the body of the e-mail and/or just attach for example a MS Word or PDF document. The iXware server takes care of the conversion of the documents into a fax.

Use the default cover page option to manage the organization's house style. The cover page can include items like a logo and the senders contact details. Cover pages can also be set for a group of users or even personalized for a single user, all depending on the policy of the organization.

The iXware forms for fax and SMS include a tab for settings. One of the settings is the specification of an exact date and time for delivery of the message if so required.

iXware allows the user to determine different sending priorities. If a message is sent with low priority for example, delivery will be made during low cost telco hours.