The importance of fax

Faxing remains an important, and often mission critical, means of communication. Fax transmissions have legal status. Many organizations therefore use fax for their most mission critical communications. By digitalizing fax traffic, iXware enables archiving for easy storage and retrieval, and helps customers to comply with accountability and auditability regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II, EU directives and ISO standards.



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Features and benefits of iXware fax servers

Incoming faxes are immediately visible in the inbox of the e-mail client. Outbound faxes are sent as an e-mail with attachments to be included in the fax. Outbound messages can always be found in the sent items. Delivery reports come into the e-mail inbox.

iXware's Fax Module comes with the iXware Faxprinter. Use it to fax documents directly from any application with a print option. The iXware Faxprinter will open a new message in the e-mail client with the document as an attachment in faxable format (TIFF). iXware makes faxing as easy as printing a document! Of course, faxes can also be sent directly from the e-mail client by attaching them to the e-mail.

iXware sends the inbound fax, as a TIFF or PDF attachment, directly to the recipients e-mail inbox. You can also choose to print the fax directly on any network printer. The choice is yours.

A default header can be defined for all users, but it is possible to personalize the header with personal sender information.

Cover pages are a feature of the iXware Fax Module. Create default cover pages for the company or per department, and/or allow personal cover pages. Cover pages can include free text and information about the fax such as sender details, recipient details, number of pages, etc. The first and subsequent cover pages can be defined separately.

iXware can notify the user when a new fax message comes in. This notification can also be sent when you receive new fax messages from specific senders only. This feature requires iXware's SMS Module.